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Flexible wheelchair van that can safely accommodate seven able-bodied passengers or four wheelchair passengers. You can serve a wide range of passengers with the B-FiT Peugeot Boxer L3. This wheelchair van can be used as a taxi van, wheelchair taxi or handicap van by a taxi or transport company. If a wheelchair space is not used, other passengers can sit on the comfortable tip-and-turn seats that are included.

B-FiT voor Peugeot Boxer

B-FiT for Peugeot Boxer L3

boxer l3 r wB-FiT is a ready-made floor that is laid in the Peugeot Boxer L3. Belts to secure wheelchairs are integrated into the B-FiT floor. There are rails in the floor that hold tip-and-turn seats for able-bodied passengers, as well as the belt columns to secure the wheelchair passengers.

Peugeot Boxer L3 handicap van

Peugeot Boxer L3 handicap van

There are five belt pop-ups per wheelchair space, which can be completely covered with a flap. In four of these belt pop-ups there are safety belts with a hook, which are meant to secure a wheelchair in the disability van and keep it in place during a journey and in the unthinkable event of an accident. The adjustable seatbelt column is used to secure the wheelchair passenger. The buckle for that last belt is in the fifth belt pop-up in the floor.

Layout for the B-FiT Peugeot Boxer L3


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Peugeot Boxer L3 touchscreen

Touchscreen control – Safe and easy

For daily, intensive use, you want an easy-to-operate system. That is made possible by a touchscreen with which you can operate the Peugeot Boxer L3 disability car. The touchscreen is placed at the driver's side, where he activates the process for the correct wheelchair position. 

This opens the front two belt pop-ups and illuminates the hooks so they are clearly visible, even in the dark. When these are attached to the wheelchair by the driver, the rear two pop-ups open automatically open to anchor the back of the wheelchair as well. Finally, the belt with buckle automatically comes out of the floor. The driver can use the touchscreen to check that everything is securely in place. If the wheelchair passenger releases the seatbelt, the driver is notified.

Group transport with the Peugeot Boxer

The wheelchair passenger always has good visibility through the windows, because the tip-and-turn seats are the only seats on the market to be folded down under the windows. When there is no wheelchair passenger in the wheelchair space, the tip-and-turn seats can be folded down for other passengers. There is a maximum of two folding seats, for two passengers, in each wheelchair space, with the exception of the wheelchair space by the sliding door, which has space for one folding seat. This means you can be extremely flexible with group transport in the Peugeot Boxer taxi van. For example, you can transport six able-bodied passengers and one wheelchair passenger or two able-bodied passengers and three wheelchair passengers.

Peugeot Boxer L3 group transport

Flexible to use Peugeot Boxer Wheelchair van

Discover the possibilities with the B-FiT floor system.


Safe passenger transport

When the belt pop-ups that are integrated in the B-FiT floor are not used, they are automatically covered by a flap. This creates a completely flat floor on which passengers are less likely to stumble in the passenger van. It goes without saying that all the belt systems conform to the latest European safety requirements and have been extensively tested in order to qualify for this.

Peugeot Boxer L3 safe group transport

The same applies to the folding seats and the frames on which they stand, for which tensile tests have been conducted in-house to ensure safety. The results are verified by the RDW, the Dutch National Road Administration. The test results are valid for the entire European Union.

Boarding and alighting

Wheelchair passengers enter the Peugeot Boxer L3 wheelchair van via a wheelchair lift attached to the B-FiT floor at the rear of the Boxer. You decide for yourself what type of lift you want to install. B-Style does not make its own lifts, but we can order them for you. The other passengers can enter via the sliding door on the side of the bus.

Peugeot Boxer  L3 wheelchair van
Peugeot Boxer L3 folding seats

Personalizing your Boxer Wheelchair van

There are always four wheelchair spaces, but the number of tip-and-turn seats is up to you. You can decide how many you want, with a maximum of seven. For the seat upholstery, you can choose between fabric and artificial mg 2494 leather. You can also choose a panel in the headliner with lighting, a safety hammer and space for extra speakers.



Wheelchair van conversion

Converting a Peugeot Boxer to a wheelchair van couldn't be easier. The floor is delivered to the conversion company ready for use, so there is no cutting or welding involved in conversion of the van for handicap transportation. To eliminate friction, a plastic layer and adhesive are supplied for use between the van and the B-FiT floor. For extra strength, the floor is screwed to the bottom at a number of points. A power cable must be installed to supply the belt pop-ups and another cable to the touchscreen mounted on the dashboard to control the B-FiT floor. The seats and seatbelt columns can be placed on the rails.

wheelchair lift for Peugeot Boxer

Highest quality score – PSA Groupe

A quality inspector assessed B-Style and its products and found the quality to be exceptionally high. Overall, our score is 98%; PSA says this is the highest score achieved by any of the tested suppliers. Naturally, we are very proud of this, and for you it is reassuring to know that our quality is recognized by PSA Groupe.

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