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Do you drive a large bus that is frequently half-empty? Stop wasting money! Why not drive a smaller city bus that is much more efficient? Especially for the Mercedes Sprinter L3 and L4, we b moved icon bigsupply a complete chassis-lowering kit to conversion companies for converting the Sprinter into a practical city bus. The section of the chassis from behind the B-pillar to just in front of the rear axle is lowered for easy access and to make space for electric swing doors.

Public transport - MB Sprinter

Public transport - MB Sprinter

Regardless of bus times, bus tickets always costs the same for the same distance. It doesn't matter whether you are travelling in the city or in the countryside, or whether the bus trips are during rush hour or off-peak hours. How can the transporter make that profitable with a large, mostly empty bus? They can't! In certain areas or during low-demand periods, the use of a small city bus for a regional bus line is the solution. Due to its smaller size, such a city bus is cheaper to purchase, fuel and maintain. An additional advantage is lower emissions, which is environmentally beneficial. The B-Moved MB Sprinter can accommodate up to 22 people, with 15 of them seated. Thanks to the lowered chassis and optional ramp, the entrance is also accessible for disabled passengers.

Airport bus

The B-Moved MB Sprinter is perfect for airport taxi service, such as a shuttle between long-term parking and the terminal at an airport, or a shuttle between the gate and the aeroplane. The Sprinter is relatively small and therefore more manoeuvrable than a full-size regional bus.

The low entry makes it easy to lift passenger luggage into the bus, and despite the limited size it can carry many passengers. We also see that the Sprinter is used as an airport cab in the region, to transport passengers to surrounding hotels.

Airport bus mercedes benz sprinter
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter L4 city bus

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter L4 City Bus

The basis for this city bus is the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter L4, a robust all-rounder over seven metres long, with a maximum GVW of 5500 kg. In the Netherlands, a ‘Bus D with code 95’ driving licence is therefore required to drive this Sprinter City Bus – a B driving licence will not do. In order to qualify for the conversion, the Sprinter must be equipped with an automatic transmission and double-wheel axle.

Unique: Driveshaft through the chassis

The version of the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter that is used as the basis for the low entry bus has rear-wheel drive. This means that a driveshaft runs from the gearbox to the rear differential. This driveshaft runs the under the floor, and when the floor is lowered it is important that the driveshaft remains at the same angle. The chassis for the low entry B-Style is unique in the market due to the smart driveshaft construction. B-Style has developed a lowered chassis in which the driveshaft goes through the chassis and remains at the original angle. The advantage of this is that the driveshaft is not moved closer to the ground, so there is no increased risk of driveshaft damage. There is also no risk of excessive wear, as would be the case if the angle of the parts to each other was changed. The bus driver runs less risk when driving over high speed bumps and can focus on the well-being of his passengers.

Driveshaft through the chassis lowered floor mercedes benz sprinter
Mercedes-Benz VanPartner + LONO
lowered floor chassis minibus city bus

Mercedes-Benz VanPartner + LONO

B-Style is a Mercedes-Benz VanPartner. This means that Mercedes-Benz recognizes the quality of B-Style and recognizes us as an official conversion partner. The B-Moved has a LONO (letter of non objection), which means that the manufacturer's warranty remains valid after modification of the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter.

Paperwork handled by B-Style

All the official documentation required for conversion of a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter L3 of L4 to a city bus is provided by B-Style. This includes the European Type Approval for the complete model range, as well as a second-phase Certificate of Conformity (CoC) for each specific model. The advantage of the latter is that the conversion company does not have to have each individual vehicle approved prior to registration. And that means huge time-savings.

Paperwork handled by B-Style
Complete conversion kit Sprinter City Bus

Complete conversion kit

The B-Moved conversion kit includes all the components the conversion company needs for lowering the chassis of the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter L4. Unique to this conversion kit is that the driveshaft, which extends from the engine to the rear wheels, runs through the low-floor chassis instead of underneath it. This gives the Sprinter City Bus more ground clearance. A modified driveline is included. The same applies to the gearbox modification that this requires. B-Style can supply an optional ramp for easy entry. The remaining equipment for the city bus is available from third parties, and you are completely free to choose as you like: seat configuration and upholstery, single- or double-leaf electric door, Telma retarder in the axle.

Transport for all

Mobility is everyone's right. Access to mobility provides the opportunity to meet people and have new experiences. To make mobility possible for everyone, B-Style has developed a lowered chassis for the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. A lowered chassis creates a low entry. The low entry makes it easy for people to board the bus, because the threshold of the bus is at the same height as the pavement. The fold-out wheelchair plate also makes the low entry bus accessible for wheelchair and walker users. For people with limited physical mobility, it is important for them to maintain their mobility and not become dependent.

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