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Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) Conversion Kit

B-Style developed a new high-quality WAV conversion kit for the Volkswagen Caddy Maxi 5.b active auto icon big The B-Active conversion kit transforms the new Volkswagen Caddy Maxi 5 into a comfortable disability car. With decades in the industry (since 1973), B-Style knows exactly what is needed for a handicap accessible vehicle. We have thought of everything for the VolksWagen Caddy wheelchair accessible vehicle, such as a extreme light taxi Pop-up ramp, comfortable sitting position for the wheelchair passenger, easy entry, integrated B-Style winch, safe 5-point belt attachment that meets the strict European requirements and a beautiful finish.


B-Active Caddy Maxi 5 lowered floor

Create a bigger world 

Space. The B-Active for Caddy Maxi, with a specious and wide floor, has it in abundance. This makes the Volkswagen Caddy Maxi in combination with this conversion kit our most popular wheelchair accessible vehicle. With the large interior, you not only provide the wheelchair passenger with more space but also broaden their horizons and create a bigger world.


Convenient features

There are many features designed for maximum user-friendliness, like the belts and winch that can be attached to the wheelchair while it is still outside the Caddy Maxi. An integrated safety feature prevents the wheelchair passenger from rolling backwards on the wheelchair ramp; only upward movement is possible. Super convenient! 


B-Active Caddy Maxi

The B-Active Caddy Maxi is a more comfortable choice for the wheelchair passener, because the floor has s large flat area. This creates much more interior space, as the distance to the roof is great. The wheelchair space is also wide which will give a comfortable feeling.
Becuase of the smart design the orginial fuel tank is kept in place.

Personalization Caddy wheelchair car

You can opt for high-quality vinyl on the floor. The sides can be fitted with stainless steel finishing and an integraded LED strip is available that automatically lights up. Operation of the wheelchair ramp can be made easier with a gas spring. The ramp can be folded inwards in its entirety, so it can lie horizontally to provide extra luggage space. 

B-Active Pop-up ramp

The extreme light taxi ramp will pop-up from the fold flat position. This will allow you to tilt the ramp without force. This way everyone can use and lift the ramp.


The original 2nd row of seats remains in the Caddy Maxi, and it can still be used when transporting a wheelchair passenger. This means that the Maxi can carry five able-bodied passengers and one wheelchair passenger. Optionally, you can choose 1 or 2 tip-and-turn seats in the third row, making it possible to transport a maximum of seven passengers.

The wheelchair passenger always has good visibility through the windows, because the tip-and-turn seats are the only seats in their class to be folded down under the windows. When there is no wheelchair passenger in the wheelchair space, the tip-and-turn seats can be folded down for other passengers.

Thanks to the B-Active kit, the Volkswagen Caddy Maxi 5 is a multi-purpose vehicle!


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Caddy Maxi rolstoel klapstoelen

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B-Style is a Premium Partner of Volkswagen. This means that Volkswagen recognizes the quality of B-Style and considers us to be an official conversion partner.

Certificates and memberships

Fully tested and approved

The B-Style B-Active conversion kit for the new Volkswagen Caddy Maxi 5 has been fully tested and European Type-approved. This ensures that we can support our partners by issuing a 2nd phase COC.

As a Volkswagen Premium Partner, we are pleased that our B-Active conversion kit has been approved by Volkswagen without any comments.

With the 'Letter-Of-No-Objection', the Volkswagen manufacturer's warranty is retained after the vehicle has been converted into a wheelchair accessible vehicle with the B-Style B-Active conversion kit.


In house R&D + testing facilities

Inventor of the wheelchair car in 1973

Quick installation, without welding

Worldwide delivery

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