New gas springs are supplied with every B-Active WAV-kit for extra headroom at the tailgate.

Gasveer 1

New gas springs provide extra headroom

If you are creating a wheelchair accessible vehicle then you should do it right! So you also have to raise the tailgate to avoid bumping your head. For this reason, new longer tailgate gas springs are supplied with every B-Active WAV-kit. 

Extra strong

The tailgate gets heavier, because the rear bumper is mounted on it after the conversion. That is why the new gas springs are extra strong, so that the increased weight of the bumper can be carried. An additional advantage is that the stronger gas springs can also carry snow that may remain on the tailgate in winter.

bumper modifaction wav wheelchair van

On every B-Active WAV-kit

We think it is important that something works well. Therefore, the new gas springs are supplied as standard with every B-Active WAV kit, at no additional cost.

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