Ford Ford Tourneo Connect

The new B-Active to make the New Ford Tourneo Connect wheelchair accessible.

The new B-Active for the Ford Tourneo Connect.

After 9 years, Ford is introducing an all-new generation of the Ford Tourneo Connect.

The Ford Tourneo has always been a popular car for families and its big brother the Ford Grand Tourneo is popular as a Taxi in many European countries.


We have thought of everything for the new Ford Tourneo wheelchair accessible vehicle, such as a extreme light taxi Pop-up ramp, comfortable sitting position for the wheelchair passenger, easy entry, integrated B-Style winch, safe 5-point belt attachment that meets the strict European requirements and a beautiful finish.


The new Ford Tourneo comes in 2 different sizes and B-Style offers a B-Active conversion kit for both variants so that the vehicle can be converted into a wheelchair accessible vehicle ( WAV ).

With the short version of the Ford Tourneo Connect, you can opt for 2 separate seats in the 2nd row of seats so that there can be interaction with the wheelchair passenger. This makes this conversion extremely suitable for families.


For the Long variant of the Ford Tourneo Connect, B-Style offers a B-Active conversion kit with very spacious dimensions, in which the 2nd row of seats remains intact. The third row of seats can optionally be equipped with 2 tip-and-turn seats which, when not in use, fold under the windows so that the wheelchair passenger has a clear view outside. This makes it possible to transport up to 7 people or 5 people and 1 wheelchair passenger. The standard Pop-up ramp makes this version ideal for Taxi purposes.


The B-Style B-Active for the new Ford Tourneo Connect can be installed in just 2 days using the template set and the extensive installation manual.

With the B-Style B-Active, the original fuel tank remains intact and in place. Not moving and changing the original fuel tank ensures that you will not experience any deviations in the tank contents.


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