K9 L2

Updates for the B-Active WAV-kit for the K9 L2

Our popular B-Active WAV kit for the Citroën Berlingo, Opel Combo and Peugeot Rifter (long wheelbase) is getting an update.

Fixed or Slidable 2nd seat row

At the request of our partners, we introduce fixed seats for the 2nd row. The installation time is therefore much shorter, so you have more profit per vehicle. If you still want a sliding 2nd row of seats, you can continue to order it as an option.

Citroën Berlingo L2 Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle



2nd seat row - Individual seats modifaction

Until now, the repositioning of the 2nd seat row was covered in one reference. It was “seat and bench 2+1”, or “three seats 1+1+1”

From now on we will display more references on each order for the second seat row:

"Seat and bench 2+1” will be changed into:

  • Left bench modification
  • Right seat modification

"Three seats 1+1+1” will be changed into:

  • Left seat modification
  • Middle seat modification
  • Right seat modification

Peugeot Rifter L2 Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle





3rd seat row, tip-and-turn seats

Until now, the tip-and-turn seats on the 3rd seat row were covered in one reference. It was “Tip-and-turn seat right” and Tip-and-turn seat left”.

From now on the mounting frame and the seat will be displayed separately

  • Tip-and-turn seat, right
  • Tip-and-turn seat, left
  • Mounting kit for tip-and-turn seat, right
  • Mounting kit for tip-and-turn seat, left

The reason for these change is the logistical process of planning and production of our B-Active rear low floor kits.

Opel Combo Life XL Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

Wheelchair restraint systems

Until now, we had one reference for the Q-Straint restraint system including the mounting kit.

From now on, we will display two references on each order:

  • One reference for the Q-straint wheelchair restraint system,
  • And one reference for the wheelchair restraint mounting kit.

Because of this, now you can order the mounting kit without the restraint system.

We have also changed the contents of the mounting kit for wheelchair restraint system: the electrical cables have been made longer, and we have included connectors to connect them to our LED Interior lighting.

LED Interior lighting

We have changed the contents on the LED interior light which can be mounted onto the low floor.

We have added fixings, wiring and a connector, so you can connect the LED interior light and the wiring from the wheelchair restraint mounting kit.

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