Public transport

with B-Moved and B-FiT

Outside of rush hours or in outlying areas, a large bus is sometimes unnecessary. B-Style offers various solutions to reduce the cost of public transport on less busy routes in the form of a conversion kit for a wheelchair bus or city bus. These conversion kits are purchased and installed by vehicle converters worldwide.

Types of public transport

Depending on the number of passengers and how many of them are wheelchair users, B-Style has two types of mobility solutions for regional transport: a wheelchair bus B-FiT and a city bus B-Moved.

City bus = B-Moved

Especially for the Mercedes Sprinter L4, we sell the B-Moved chassis-lowering kit to conversion companies as a complete package for converting the Sprinter into a practical city bus. The section of the chassis from behind the B-pillar to just in front of the rear axle is lowered for easy access and to make space for electric swing doors. The B-Moved Mercedes-Benz Sprinter can accommodate up to 22 people, with seating for 15. 

Thanks to the lowered chassis and optional ramp, the entrance is also accessible for disabled passengers. A unique feature of this conversion is that the drive shaft goes through the chassis, providing greater ground clearance, while also better protecting the drive shaft from speed bumps and similar obstacles.

b moved icon big

The B-Moved city bus

Using wheelchair buses for public transport = B-FiT

When you need to transport several wheelchair passengers, the B-FiT floor system is the ideal choice for you. With this floor you can quickly convert a minibus into a fully-fledged wheelchair bus. There are multiple wheelchair spaces on the floor; usually four, but in some cases six can be created. 

Up to eight tip-and-turn seats are placed on the floor, which can be used when the wheelchair spaces are not in use. This creates a very flexible wheelchair bus. Optionally, you can install your choice of passenger lift, and we can deliver a low entry kit – the B-Open – for the front.

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The B-FiT wheelchair bus

Quality and innovation

B-Style has been active in vehicle conversion since 1973. Since 2017 we no longer carry out conversions ourselves; we now just sell conversion kits to conversion companies around the world. Over the years, the conversion kits have been further developed and improved, making the mobility solutions from B-Style among the best available in the market. You can see this in the easy, intuitive operation, beautiful sleek finish and – thanks to endurance tests – the long-lasting durability of all the components. This quality is widely recognised: B-Style is a Mercedes-Benz VanPartner and Volkswagen Premium Partner, and we have Quality Certificate Level 3 from Stellantis.

Certificates and memberships

Ease of use

The ease of use is tremendous, and that plays a major role for intensive use, such as for public transport. If you work with a city bus or wheelchair bus all day, you want everything to be quick and easy to operate. This is certainly the case with B-Style mobility solutions.

Safe wheelchair taxi

Of course, you want maximum protection for your passengers while on the road. All the adaptations are tested and checked by an independent authority, such as the RDW. This way we and you can be sure that everything is safe. Both the wheelchair and the passengers can be secured safely, and fortunately it all works very easily.

Looking to buy a city bus?

B-Style does not build city buses or wheelchair buses itself; we supply the conversion kits that make this possible. Our conversion partners convert the bus for you. We have a large network of conversion partners worldwide, and we are always happy to put you in touch with them. If you are a conversion company yourself and want more information about our conversion kits, please contact us via the orange button at the top right.

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