Inventor of the wheelchair car

The wheelchair van was invented in 1973 by the founder of B-Style, Ad Smulders. His original activities included preparing race and rally cars, during which he gained a lot of experience with hydraulic kneeling and rear axle constructions. When a friend of his ended up in a wheelchair, he used this knowledge to build a wheelchair van. It was a success, and Smulders Systems was born.

Conversion company

In the years that followed, Smulders Systems operated as a conversion company for passenger and wheelchair transport. We have worked on many brands and models, and naturally we have amassed a wealth of knowledge.


This knowledge has been put to good use developing long-term relationships and earning certifications, such as ISO 9001, Mercedes Benz VanPartner, Premium Partner Volkswagen, PSA Groupe Quality Certificate Level 3, EMG, OECVA etc. The Netherlands Vehicle Authority (RDW) recognises us as an official car manufacturer.

Certificates and memberships


B-Style has been innovative since its founding. Over the years, the company has had many firsts to its name:

  • First there was the invention of the wheelchair van in 1973 (B-Active)
  • The lowered chassis for the city bus, through which the driveshaft passes, for more ground clearance (B-Moved)
  • City bus with electric drive and hydrogen range extender.
  • First supplier of floor with integrated retractable belts to secure wheelchair passengers (B-FiT)
  • Quickly and easily installed, without welding, in a wheelchair van (B-Active)
  • Simplified closing mechanism for the ramp, for easier operation


Over the years, several companies with similar activities have been acquired. This has led to growth, the pooling of knowledge and the establishment of a broader range of services, all related to passenger and wheelchair transport.


wereldkaartIn 2000, the international company name B-Style was chosen, with a clear vision. In addition to aiding expansion into other countries, the B-Style name references the fact that all the modifications are made behind the vehicle's B-pillar. Because we are an authorised car manufacturer, the vehicle still qualifies for registration after the modification have been made.

conversiekit b style

Focus – Conversion kits

In 2017, B-Style took the decision to focus entirely on supplying conversion kits to conversion companies. With an eye towards future growth, B-Style no longer converts vehicles itself. With the knowledge gained through many years of conversions, B-Style knows exactly what is essential for a conversion kit, such as fast installation time, an easy-to-follow manual and a beautiful finish. The conversion kits are ordered by and delivered to customers worldwide.

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Inventor of the wheelchair car in 1973

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