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There are different types of wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAV), each with their own purposes and use. In this blog we explain what the differences are.

It can be challenging to find out which wheelchair accessible vehicle is best for you. There are different needs for a taxi van than for private use or public transport. How many people do you want to transport? Which car brand suits you best? Is it safe? Does it last long? We are happy to help you with this blog. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

A vehicle conversion company can easily built different wheelchair accessible vehicles with a B-Style conversion WAV-kit, such as a wheelchair car, disability car, wheelchair van, wheelchair bus or city bus. This conversion kit contains all the parts needed to build a wheechair accessible vehicle. 

Discover the different WAV-kits:

b active auto icon big1. Wheelchair accessible car

A lowered floor at the rear of a vehicle, with a wheelchair ramp for easy entry of a wheelchair passenger into the car. Thanks to the lower floor, the wheelchair passenger has considerably more interior space in the wheelchair accessible van (or car). The wheelchair is secured with the supplied belts (Q-straint or Unwin). For longer wheelchair vehicles, folding seats are available for an extra row of seats, for flexible use of your wheelchair van. Depending on the type of vehicle, you can transport a maximum of one wheelchair passenger and six able-bodied passengers at the same time.

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Wheelchair taxi?

Private use?


The Wheelchair Accessible Car has it in abundance. This makes a verhicle in combination with the B-Active conversion kit very popular as a disability car for private owners. With the spacious interior, you not only provide the wheelchair passenger with more space but also broaden their horizons. Access to the disability car is very easy thanks to the wheelchair ramp, which is at a low angle of 11 degrees. With the optional gas spring, the wheelchair ramp can be operated with even less effort, so the wheelchair accessible van can even be operated easily by the elderly.

Wheelchair taxi

Frequent, daily transport of able-bodied and wheelchair passengers? The wheelchair accessible car is very suitable for professional use as a wheelchair taxi thanks to the high quality B-Active wheelchair adaptation. Having performed endurance tests, we can guarantee the quality of all the parts, like the wheelchair ramp and the latching mechanism. So you can use the wheelchair taxi for many years without problems. There are many features designed for maximum user-friendliness, like the belts that can be attached to the wheelchair while it is still outside the wheelchair taxi. An integrated safety feature prevents the wheelchair passenger from rolling backwards on the wheelchair ramp; only upward movement is possible. Super convenient! When driving without a wheelchair passenger, the wheelchair ramp can optionally be folded inwards for more luggage space.

b fit icon big

2. Wheelchair van

Are you searching for a multi-purpose taxi van in which you can also take wheelchair passenger, do not look any further. Due to the B-FiT floor system you can take 8 passengers or 4 wheelchair passengers. Through the foldable tip-and-turn seats you are very flexible and therefor you can use the taxi van in numerous situations. This custom vans solution can be used for multiple models and car brands. Watch the video or this page for more information.

Public transport?

What is the B-FiT Floor system? 

A ready-made floor that you can lay on the bottom of a bus, to safely and easily transport multiple able-bodied and wheelchair passengers. This B-FiT floor system includes integrated belt to secure a wheelchair, which are easy to operate. The folding seats on the floor are located under the window so that the wheelchair passenger can look outside. If a wheelchair space is not used, the folding seats can be used for other passengers, which makes the layout of the wheelchair bus or handicap van very flexible. There is a pre-drilled hole pattern in the floor to install the the wheelchair lift for van.

More information about B-FiT wheelchair busses

Safe passenger transport

If the belt pop-ups that are integrated in the B-FiT floor are not used, they are stored in the floor. This creates a completely flat floor on which passengers are less likely to stumble in the passenger bus. It goes without saying that all the belt systems conform to the latest European safety requirements and have been extensively tested in order to qualify for this. 

b moved icon big

3. City bus

Do you drive a large bus that is frequently half-empty? Stop wasting money! Why not drive a smaller city bus that is much more efficient? Especially for the Mercedes Sprinter L3 and L4, we supply a complete chassis-lowering kit to conversion companies for converting the Sprinter into a practical city bus. The section of the chassis from behind the B-pillar to just in front of the rear axle is lowered for easy access and to make space for electric swing doors.

More information about B-Moved city busses

Transport for all

Mobility is everyone's right. Access to mobility provides the opportunity to meet people and have new experiences. To make mobility possible for everyone, B-Style has developed a lowered chassis for the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. A lowered chassis creates a low entry. The low entry makes it easy for people to board the bus, because the threshold of the bus is at the same height as the pavement. The fold-out wheelchair plate also makes the low entry bus accessible for wheelchair and walker users. For people with limited physical mobility, it is important for them to maintain their mobility and not become dependent.

A lowered chassis in the middle of a city bus, to facilitate passenger boarding. The B-Moved is unique, because the driveshaft runs through the lowered section of the chassis. This protects the shaft while also providing greater ground clearance.

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b open icon bigLow entry - combined with B-FiT

A lowered entrance at the right front, behind the passenger door. The passenger does not have to make such a big step, and because the door opening is larger there is no need to bend over either. This is often delivered in combination with the B-FiT Floor System.

More information about B-Open low entry

2020 b style fit m 039

What's in the WAV-conversion kit?

Everything you need. Every part to convert the vehicle is included. This may include attachment hardware, step-by-step instructions, cover panels, parts specially developed for the vehicle, a replacement exhaust system (or parts thereof), suspension parts and/or a wheelchair ramp.

All the conversion company needs to have itself are the tools and, in some cases, a jig for proper placement of the conversion. These are one-off investments, with which you can install many conversion kits. And, of course, personnel, who will most certainly be very happy working with the conversion kits from B-Style, which are so easy to install. 

Quick installation, without welding

The B-Style conversion kits are known for their fast installation time, without the need for any welding. B-Style has been a conversion company for 44 years and therefore knows exactly how to quickly and easily convert a vehicle into a wheelchair van or bus. This knowledge was used to design the conversion kits. The faster you convert a vehicle, the higher your profit margin per vehicle and the more wheelchair vans you can build.

Inventor of the wheelchair accessible vehicle

Ad Smulders, the founder of B-Style, invented and built the wheelchair van in 1973. Over the years many variants have been added and the wheelchair van has been constantly improved, making our conversion kits among the best on the market. There have also been many innovations along the way, which means that B-Style offers a wide range of mobility solutions.

History B-Style

Personalisation of conversion

If desired, you can personalise your conversion kit with extra options. This includes things like extra LED or conventional lighting, a foldable ramp, a gas spring for extra light operation, additional folding seats etc. All the personalisation options are detailed on the product pages, but you are certainly also welcome to contact one of our advisors, by phone on +31 (0) 88 8 638200 or by mail at support@b-style.eu.

Build manual and training 

Each and every conversion kit includes a comprehensive step-by-step instruction manual, so even someone who has never converted a vehicle can install a B-Style conversion kit. B-Style also offers training, to provide our conversion partners’ technicians with extra tips and tricks. This further reduces the installation time so that vehicles can be converted as efficiently as possible.

Step-by-step build manual

In-house R&D and testing facilities 

A large team of automotive engineers is hard at work for you every day to develop vehicle modifications in the form of conversion kits. All the innovations are conceived, drawn and developed in house. In order to guarantee safety and longevity, all components are thoroughly tested, most of them on our own equipment. The test results are checked by an independent public authority, the RDW, for European approval.

Research & Development

Paperwork & Certification 

B-Style takes care of the paperwork for the conversion kits. There is a European Type Approval (ECWVTA) for the B-Active and B-Moved, and B-Style provides a second phase Confirmation of Conformity (CoC) for each vehicle. This eliminates the need for each adapted vehicle to be tested individually to obtain registration plates.

Homologation of vehicles

Satisfied passengers 

Through years of improvement and innovation of the conversion kits, B-Style offers the best adapted vehicles in their class. Thanks to endurance testing, the quality is guaranteed, ensuring years of pleasure. With the light, intuitive operation, the ease of use is also top notch. Because cover panels are included, the finish level is very high. As if the wheelchair accessible vehicle was made by the car manufacturer itself.

Safety guaranteed 

All versions have been tested and found safe. Securing the wheelchair passengers is not only very easy but also very safe. The belts, as well as the fastening points, have been tested to determine how much force they can withstand. This is well above the legal requirement, so you can drive with peace of mind.

Approved conversion kits 

  • PremiumPartner Volkswagen
  • Mercedes-Benz VanPartner
  •  Stellantis – Quality Certificate Level 3
  • NEN
  • TUV
  • RAI vereniging
  • RDW

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Inventor of the wheelchair car in 1973

Quick installation, without welding

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