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b open icon bigThe B-Open, a low entry step for the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, makes it easy to enter at the front of the vehicle. This is the ultimate addition to the B-FiT floor system, making it easier for passengers to enter. The B-Open can, of course, also be used without B-FiT.

B-Open is a low entry step behind the right front door of the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

Group transport with Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

Group transport with Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

In group transport, where there is frequent boarding and disembarking, a low entry is a big plus. Due to the literally lower entry step (25 cm from the floor), the passenger makes a smaller step and there is no need to bend over, because the door opening is larger. This makes it much easier for passengers to enter the Sprinter. For the driver, this is also an advantage in the form of time savings: passengers board and alight from the Sprinter faster. In some countries there is a maximum boarding height for public transport, and with the B-Open you comply with those local regulations.

Robust low entry

If you don't know otherwise, the B-Open appears to be straight from the Mercedes-Benz factory: the low entry meshes seamlessly with the Sprinter. The entry step is made of a very durable plastic, so it cannot rust. It is also light (11 kg) and is built into the Sprinter. First a piece is cut out of the chassis, to make room for the B-Open. The low entry itself is robust, and because it is inside the vehicle, it is protected from the elements. Some other companies sell retractable steps that are mounted under the bus, which, along with the mechanism, are exposed to wind and weather and are vulnerable to pavements and the like. With the B-Open, you have a low entry step that will last longer than your Sprinter itself.

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Sprinter seating arrangement

Sprinter seating arrangement

Transport eight able-bodied or four wheelchair passengers plus the driver. The B-open low entry is installed at the right front, behind the front passenger's door. The front right-hand seat is sacrificed for this, but not without good reason. First of all, this makes it even easier for the passengers to board, as it creates a completely flat floor. More importantly, there is no need for the Sprinter to have a sliding door, and this allows an extra seat to be placed in the passenger compartment. So you increase the ease of entry without sacrificing capacity, and you can make the most of the B-FiT floor system.

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Complete conversion kit

All the parts you need for the conversion are supplied with the B-Open, making it a complete package. Of course this includes the hard plastic low entry itself, but also all the things that go with it. This includes a wear-resistant, rubber anti-slip mat that covers the floor of the front compartment and a door extension to close off the low entry. To protect the B-Open and give the passengers grip, there is vinyl and an aluminium strip on each step. This strip is fitted with LED lighting so that passengers can easily find their way in the dark. Sealing rubbers, mounting hardware and a detailed instruction manual are also included in the conversion package. The complete B-Open can be installed in just two hours.

B-FiT wheelchair bus

If you would like more information about the B-FiT floor system, with which you can easily convert a bus to a wheelchair bus, please click on the orange button below. 

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B-FiT wheelchair bus

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