The B-Open, a low entry step for the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, makes it easy to enter at the front of the vehicle. This is the ultimate addition to the B-FiT floor system, making it easier for passengers to enter. The B-Open can, of course, also be used without B-FiT.


The lowered entry specially developed for the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter (LHD) has been renewed. The type of plastic is stronger and just as light. The most important adjustment is the color, which now looks much more like the color that Mercedes-Benz uses, so that the lowered entry fits better in the whole. It therefore seems more like an OEM part. A less important adjustment is the removal of a previous logo, so that the B-Open now looks completely tight. 

All included

Naturally, all mounting hardware and a door extension are included. An instruction manual is part of the whole. The installation of the B-Open takes only 2 hours.

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