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Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) Conversion Kit

Looking for a fully electric multifunctional disability car that allows you to carry more than one passenger? With the conversion kit that B-Style has developed especially for the b active auto icon bigMercedes-Benz eVito / EQV, a conversion company can turn the eVito / EQV into a serious, proper wheelchair van. It is with good reason that B-Style is the market leader when it comes to wheelchair transport conversion kits for the Mercedes-Benz Vito. As the inventor of the wheelchair accessible vehicle in 1973, B-Style has consolidated all its knowledge and expertise and incorporated it into the B-Active to allow both able-bodied and wheelchair passengers to benefit for many years of convenience, high quality finish and comfort.

eVito / EQV L2 & L3 wheelchair car

The B-Active conversion kit for the Mercedes-Benz eVito / EQV turns the fully electric eVito or EQV into a wheelchair accessible vehicle.
With the optional tip-and-turn seats, it offers space for 9 people or 5 people and 1 wheelchair user.
Ideal for large families or for taxi companies.


Fully electric

TECHNICAL DATA (according to manufacturer)

Engine output: 150 kW

Battery capacity: 90 kWh usable / 100 kWh installed

Range: Up to 358 km

Discover the benefits of the B-Active conversion kit


Mercedes-Benz eVito Tourer L3 disability car Configurations


No fewer than four rows of seats can be created in the longest version of the eVito / EQV. This allows you to transport a total of nine able-bodied passengers or six plus a wheelchair user. From the factory, you can choose between two seats or one seat and a bench (only eVito ). The second row is always the original bench, which seats three. The third and fourth row have optional folding seats, one on each side, for a total of four. 

Vito L3 rolstoelVito L3 rolstoel

These seats can only be used when there is no wheelchair passenger. If you were keeping track, you will have counted ten seats, but the maximum occupancy is nevertheless nine people, due to legal regulations. This is why, with four rows, two separate seats are often ordered for the first row.

Mercedes-Benz eVito Tourer L3 WAV Conversion kit

WAV Conversion kit

B-Style, inventor of the wheelchair van, sells conversion components for wheelchair use as a complete kit to professional conversion companies. Because B-Style has, itself, been a conversion company for 44 years, we know exactly what is needed to efficiently build a handicap accessible van, and that knowledge has been put to good use in the development of the conversion kit for the eVito / EQV. Among other things, this results in a very short installation time, without any welding. The quality delivered by B-Style, and the resulting quick installation time, makes the cost price of the finished product very attractive. After all, fewer labour hours are required for conversion of the Vito.

What is a conversion kit?

Personalization eVito / EQV disability van

There are several possibilities for personalizing your Mercedes-Benz eVito / EQV wheelchair van. For the interior, you can opt for high quality, wear-resistant vinyl on the floor of the lowered floor area, and the walls can be fitted with an aluminium strip or made-to-measure ABS plastic caps. 

The wheelchair area can be illuminated with a LED strip, and the light switches on when the door is opened. To make the ramp as light as possible in operation, it can be fitted with a gas spring. As mentioned previously, the third and fourth rows can be fitted with two folding seats each, as an option; these can be used when there is no wheelchair passenger. One of the ramp options is what is called the ‘folding tip’. The end folds back for better visibility to the rear through the rear-view mirror. This also extends the ramp, which makes entry even easier for the wheelchair passenger.

Vehicle modifications

To make a Mercedes-Benz eVito / EQV suitable for use as a wheelchair vehicle a section is cut out of the floor. B-Style supplies a template for this, to ensure the cut-out is exactly the right size. The lowered floor section then fits perfectly in the eVito / EQV and provides a lower entry and more space for the wheelchair passenger. Everything needed to perform the conversion is included, such as the wheelchair ramp, safety belts and all the necessary fasteners.

Mercedes Benz VanPartner Label Werbeartikel Minimalgroesse Kontur

Mercedes-Benz VanPartner

B-Style is a Mercedes-Benz VanPartner. This means that Mercedes-Benz recognizes the quality of B-Style and recognizes us as an official conversion partner.

Certifications and memberships

Paperwork handled by B-Style

All the official documentation required for conversion of a Mercedes-Benz eVito / EQV to a WAV (wheelchair accessible vehicle) is provided by B-Style. This includes the European Type Approval for the complete model range, as well as a second-phase Certificate of Conformity (CoC) for each specific model. The advantage of the latter is that the conversion company does not have to have each individual vehicle approved prior to registration. And that means huge time-savings.

Homologation for vehicles

In house R&D + testing facilities

Inventor of the wheelchair car in 1973

Quick installation, without welding

Worldwide delivery

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