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B-Active = Wheelchair car

A lowered floor at the rear of the vehicle, with a ramp for easy loading of a wheelchair passenger. Thanks to the lower floor, the wheelchair passenger has considerably more interior space. The wheelchair is secured with the supplied belts. For longer B-Active vehicles, folding seats are available for an extra row of seats, allowing flexible use of your wheelchair van. Depending on the type of vehicle, you can transport a maximum of one wheelchair passenger and six able-bodied passengers at the same time.

B-Active - Conversion kit


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B-FiT = Wheelchair bus

A ready-made floor that you can lay on the bottom of a bus, to safely and easily transport multiple able-bodied and wheelchair passengers. This floor includes integrated belts to secure a wheelchair. The folding seats on the floor are located under the window so the wheelchair passenger has a view to the outside. If a wheelchair space is not used, the folding seats can be used for other passengers, which makes the layout of the wheelchair bus very flexible.

B-FiT - Conversion kit

 B-FiT rolstoelbus conversiekit mercedes sprinter

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B-Moved = City bus

A lowered chassis in the middle of a city bus, to facilitate passenger boarding. The B-Moved is unique, because the driveshaft runs through the lowered section of the chassis. This protects the shaft while also providing greater ground clearance.

B-Moved - Conversion kit

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B-Open = Low entry

A low entry at the right front, behind the passenger door. The passenger does not have to make such a big step, and because the door opening is larger there is no need to bend over either. This is often delivered in combination with the B-FiT floor system.

B-Open - Conversion kit

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