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Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) Conversion Kit

Looking for a robust wheelchair accessible car? B-Style has developed a high-quality kit that transforms the Volkswagen Caddy into a comfortable disability car. With decades b active auto icon bigin the industry (since 1973), B-Style knows exactly what is needed for a handicap accessible vehicle. We have thought of everything, such as a comfortable sitting position for the wheelchair passenger, safe 5-point belt attachment that meets the strict European requirements, simple, light operation and a beautiful finish.

Volkswagen Caddy wheeclhair car

Volkswagen Caddy wheelchair car

The Volkswagen Caddy is very popular for use as a handicap van for private owners, for example. With the conversion kit, you broaden the wheelchair passenger's horizons. Access to the Caddy is very easy thanks to the wheelchair ramp, which is at a low angle of 11 degrees. By adding an optional gas spring, the wheelchair ramp can be operated with very little effort, so the conversion van can even be operated easily by the elderly.

Disability car private use

Caddy wheelchair taxi

The Volkswagen Caddy is very suitable for professional use as a wheelchair taxi. The belts can be attached to the wheelchair outside the Caddy and can then only retract, not extend. Thanks to this safety feature, the wheelchair passenger cannot roll back down the wheelchair ramp. Having performed endurance tests, we can guarantee the quality of all the parts, like the wheelchair ramp and the latching mechanism. So you can use the Volkswagen Caddy as a wheelchair taxi for many years without problems.

Wheelchair taxi variants

Volkswagen Caddy wheelchair taxi

Beautifully finished and parking sensors work as they should

Seating configuration

The original split rear bench seat remains, making the Caddy very flexible in use. In order to provide sufficient legroom for the wheelchair passenger, the wider section of the bench is folded down. There is still room for one passenger on the narrower part of the back seat as well as the two seated in front, so there are a total of three seats and one wheelchair space. If there is no wheelchair passenger in the Caddy, all the original Caddy seats can be used, for a total of five.

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Conversion kit

Conversion kit

B-Style, inventor of the disability car, sells the conversion components for the Caddy as a complete kit to professional conversion companies. Because B-Style has, itself, been a conversion company for 44 years, a great wealth of knowledge has been gained about all aspects of conversion, and that knowledge has been put to good use in the development of the kit. The Caddy can be converted to a wheelchair accessible car in just 18 hours, without the need for any welding. Everything needed is supplied with the kit, as well as high quality finishing elements and a bumper conversion that doesn't interfere with the parking sensors. The quality delivered by B-Style is also economical, because the installation time is minimized, saving the conversion company money.

What is a conversion kit?

Personalization Caddy disability car

There are several options you can choose from to personalize your Volkswagen Caddy disability car. For example, you can opt for high-quality, wear-resistant vinyl on the floor. The sides of the conversion can be fitted with an aluminium strip or ABS plastic cut to size. For extra visibility in the dark, a LED strip is available that automatically lights up when lowering the wheelchair ramp. Operation of the wheelchair ramp can be made easier with a gas spring. There is a version of the wheelchair ramp with a folding tip for optimum view to the rear. There is also a wheelchair ramp that can be folded inwards in its entirety, so that it can lie horizontally in the Caddy when no wheelchair passenger is present.

Personalization Caddy disability car


To make a Volkswagen Caddy suitable for use as a wheelchair vehicle a section is cut out of the floor. B-Style supplies a template for this, to ensure the cut-out is exactly the right size. The B-Style kit then fits perfectly in the Caddy and provides a lower entry and more space for the wheelchair passenger. Everything needed to perform the conversion is included, such as a new fuel tank, the wheelchair ramp, belts and all the necessary fasteners. In series production, the Volkswagen Caddy is converted into a disability car with a B-Active kit in 18 hours – exceptionally little time. There is no welding involved.

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Volkswagen Premium Partner

B-Style is a Premium Partner of Volkswagen. This means that Volkswagen recognizes the quality of B-Style and considers us to be an official conversion partner.

Certificates and memberships

European Type Approval for the complete model range, as well as a second-phase Certificate of Conformity (CoC)

Paperwork handled by B-Style

All the official documentation required for conversion of a Volkswagen Caddy into a WAV (wheelchair accessible vehicle) is provided by B-Style. This includes the European Type Approval for the complete model range, as well as a second-phase Certificate of Conformity (CoC) for each specific model. The advantage of the latter is that the conversion company does not have to have each individual vehicle approved prior to registration. And that means huge time-savings.

Homologation of vehicles

wheelchair accessible vehicle WAV caddy

In house R&D + testing facilities

Inventor of the wheelchair car in 1973

Quick installation, without welding

Worldwide delivery

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