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Also a wheelchair accessible van!

This Taxi Van is also a Wheelchair Accessable Van

Are you searching for a multi-purpose taxi van in which you can also take wheelchair passenger, do not look any further. Thanks to the B-FiT floor system you can take 8 passengers or 4 wheelchair passengers. Through the foldable tip-and-turn seats you are very flexible and therefor you can use the taxi van in numerous situations. This custom vans solution can be used for multiple models and car brands. See this page for more information.

Sprinter van conversion

Sprinter van conversion

A vehicle which is often converted to a wheelchair taxi van is the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. B-Style has developed the B-FiT floor system for multiple brands, including the exact measurements and the associating type approvals. For example, the Sprinter bus conversion is available for the L2 and L3 length. The L3 version is even available with 6 wheelchair positions, but is in many counties to heavy to drive with a “normal” driving License. You can find more information regarding the Mercerdes-Benz Sprinter Taxibus here. Other brands can be found here.

Which version is right for you?

Transport for passengers and wheelchair passengers

This is possible thanks to the B-FiT floor system, which is laid on top of the OEM floor of the van. The floor has integrated retractors to restraint a wheelchair.

If the belts that are integrated in the B-FiT floor are not used, the hooks are stored in the floor. This creates a completely flat floor on which passengers are less likely to stumble in the passenger bus. In this case you can again use the tip and turn seats and use the variety of configurations in the wheel chair van. The tip-and-turn seats fold away under the window in such a way that the wheelchair passenger can look out of the window like any other passenger.

Wheelchair Accessable Van

2020 B Style FiT M 004

Conversion van

Quite often the conversion of a van or minibus will cost a lot of work and time. Not anymore thanks to the B-FiT Floor System. The floor is plug and play delivered and can be laid on top of the original floor of the customs van. To prevent friction we add a layer of plastic and glue which is put between the van and the B-Fit floor. For additional strength we bolt the floor on a few places to the chassis.

After this we place the tip and turn seats in the already present rail in the floor. During this conversion there is no need to weld. B-Style Mobility Solutions delivers a clear build manual, in which we explain step by step how this conversion is done. The complete conversion of the customs van can be done in 12 to 16 hours.

Fast installation time thanks to years of experience

Custom Vans Tip-and-turn seats
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Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Taxi Van
Citroën Jumper Taxi Van
Safe Wheelchair Accessible Van

Safe Wheelchair Accessible Van

Safety first, this is no exception for the wheelchair passengers. You can be assured that you can use this wheelchair accessible van safely as a taxi van, as all seatbelts are tested an approved according to all European guidelines. This accounts for the seatbelts in the floor, which are used to tie down the wheelchair, and for the seatbelt in the column which the (wheelchair)passenger used as a 3 point belt.

The seat belt column will be used for the tip-and-turn seats as well as by the wheelchair passenger. Also the tip-and-turn seats passed all the necessary safety tests. The driver can see on the screen if all wheelchair passengers are secured safely. To prevent the taxi company from getting any claims, the system will store all date including the (in)correct usage of the seatbelt. This way you can show afterwards that the driver did her/his job correct.

Custom vans wheelchair retraints
Easy to use Taxi Van / Minibus Taxi / Taxibus

Easy to use Taxi Van / Minibus Taxi / Taxibus

There are five belts per wheelchair space, which are integrated in the B-FiT floor. Four of these belts are safety belts with a hook, which are meant to secure a wheelchair in the disability van and keep it in place during a journey and in the unthinkable event of an accident. The adjustable seatbelt column is used to secure the wheelchair passenger. The buckle for that last belt is in the fifth position integrated in the floor.

If the belts that are integrated in the B-FiT floor are not used, the hooks are stored in the floor. This creates a completely flat floor on which passengers are less likely to stumble in the passenger bus.

Group transport

The wheelchair passenger always has a good view through the windows because our tip-and-turn seats are the only seats in the market which fold under the window.

When there are no wheelchair users in the vehicle, you can unfold the tip-and-turn seats for other passengers. Per wheelchair space you can unfold up to two tip-and-turn seats, so that means two passengers, with exemption of the wheelchair space next to the sliding door where you can use one tip-and-turn seat. This way you are extremely flexible with the transport of multiple groups in this taxi van. You can transport, for example, 6 passengers and a wheelchair passenger or 3 wheelchair passengers and 2 passengers.

Group transport
Wheelchair accessible van

Wheelchair accessible van

The wheelchair lift will ease the entry of a wheelchair passenger into the van. This lift is mounted on top of the B-FiT . The hole pattern for the lift is already predrilled in our factory. The wheelchair lift will be mounted on the rear of the wheelchair van and will be folded, in most cases, horizontally to the inside of the vehicle when not in use. In some cases, when desired, an outside lift can be used. The choice of lift brand is up to you.

The other passengers can enter through the sliding door or via the lowered entry step which B-style delivers for the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, the B-Open.

Low Entry - B-Open

Personalisation of your taxi van

The number of wheelchair spaces is normally four but can differentiate for longer or shorter vehicles. The number of tip-and-turn seats is always flexible, with a maximum of eight in case there is no sliding door and you have a standard European driving license. Of course more seats are possible, but only in combination with a C / 5T driving license.Further options are a sky panel with lighting, a safety hammer and the option for additional speakers and ventilation. 

Personalisation of your taxi van

Airport taxi

A vehicle which is converted with a B-FiT floor system is used for multiple purposes next to being a taxi van. One other purpose is to transport people to the airport, where flexibility is key. It is not a daily thing that you need to take a wheelchaired passenger. The B-FiT floor is very strong and this accounts for the seat belts which are integrated in the floor as well. A airport taxi equipped with a B-FiT floor therefor is extremely good option for airport transport as it is build for intensive use. To transport heavy suitcases daily is not a problem at all. The fact that the seat belts are integrated in the B-FiT floor is an big advantage, suitcase will not get stuck behind a hook or belt.

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airport  taxi

Handicap van

Another purpose is a handicap van. Disabled people can sit in a special made wheelchair. These wheelchairs have different sizes and weights, think about a special designed electrical wheel chair. The B-FiT floor system is designed in such a way that a great variety of wheelchirs fit and can be locked in a safe and secure way. Up to four different wheel chairs can be transported in a disabled van converted with the B-FiT floor system. 

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Handicap van

Acknowledged quality

Both the market as independent authorities acknowledge the quality of the mobility solutions from  B-Style Mobility Solutions. Since 1973 B-Style has been guaranteeing and improving the quality which has resulted in multiple certifications, innovations and memberships. We are proud partners / certificate holders of: Mercedes-Benz VanPartner, Premium Partner Volkswagen, Quality Certificate Level 3 – Stellantis, TUV en nog veel meer.

Certificates and Memberships 

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